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Sue's fudge

Welcome to Jersey Fudge Pot

While we have been out of the kitchen for a while we have still been busy with our re-branding. We are now Jersey Fudge Pot with brand new packaging and an updated website.
Don't worry though - our fudge will still taste exactly the same as it always has with the same natural ingredients from our beautiful island of Jersey and definitely no preservatives. We won't use palm oil either - we care too much about our planet.
Award winning Fudge

We told you last year about our Jersey Sea Salt fudge winning an award and are delighted to report that it is now our best selling flavour. If you haven't tried it yet pop along to one of our market days where we will be handing out free samples for you.
We will let you know on here when we will be at a market and we look forward to seeing you there.
If you can't wait until then, you can order from our website or check out our retail stockists on our where to buy page.
We are extremely proud of our excellent local dairy produce and never use anything else - or any artificial flavours or preservatives. Most fudges have a shelf-life of around 6 weeks.  For this reason, all fudges are made to order so that you will receive your box or bag of fudge at its very freshest!
Pouring by Hand


All of our fudges are made the traditional way, in small batches, hand stirred over high heat, poured into cooling trays and hand cut. This traditional method of making fudge is what gives our fudges their "melt in the mouth" characteristic and yet still have a crumbly texture.


Made with the finest ingredients, including local milk, cream and butter, from Jersey's beautiful cows.

No preservatives are used and only natural flavourings are chosen where required.

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