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Frequently asked Questions

Do you want to know more about our fudge ? - check out below if the answer is already there for you.

Can't find the answer ? Click here to send us your question and we will do our best to answer it as soon as possible.

  • Can I still buy Sue's Fudge ?
    Yes - your favourite fudge is still available. We have changed our brand name and redesigned our packaging but our fudge is still made in exactly the same way and tastes just as it always has. We hope you like our new packaging and look forward to seeing you at the Genuine Jersey markets throughout the year. We will be announcing which markets we are attending on the front page of our site - come along and try it out and have a chat with us.
  • How should I store my fudge ?
    Our fudge is preservative free so treat it as any other fresh food. Keep it out of direct sunlight and preferably in a cool place - between 10 and 18 degrees. We mark every pack of fudge with a best before date. Once opened please reseal it to keep it as fresh as possible and consume within 3 days of opening.
  • What if my fudge arrives damaged ?
    We want you to receive your fudge in perfect condition - but sometimes it might get damaged in transit. We make our fudge in the traditional way to give it a crumbly texture so it naturally may have a few crumbs in the bag as well. This will not affect the taste in any way. If the packaging is torn or the fudge looks mouldy or discoloured don't eat it - take a picture of the packaging (and the ingredients label bearing the best before date) and send it to us via email at .
  • Is our fudge gluten, nut and dairy free ?
    All of our fudge is made with dairy products. We use only the finest Jersey butter, cream and milk in addition to condensed milk. Obviously this means that our fudge is NOT dairy free. Our fudge IS gluten free as it does not have any cereal products in it. The majority of our fudges are nut free - the ones that are will be clearly marked (eg Peanut Butter fudge). If we produce a fudge containing nuts we always do that at the end of a production run and do a deep clean of the kitchen afterwards. Although we do our best to work as clean and safe as we possibly can there is an extremely small chance that minuscule traces of nuts could be present in our fudge. If you suffer from an extreme reaction to nuts you should probably not consume our fudge.
  • How long will my order take to arrive ?
    We turn around our orders within 48 hours. We hand deliver around the island of Jersey and use Jersey Post for all other deliveries. Post to the UK takes around 4 working days to arrive.
  • What are Genuine Jersey products ?
    Genuine Jersey is an organisation which promotes products made on the island of Jersey. Their aim is to promote our local products and also to help to ensure the highest quality at all times.
  • Where can I find the product ingredient information ?
    All product ingredients are listed on the best before label on every packet of fudge. Any ingredients which may be potential allergens are underlined on the label. Product ingredients are also listed on this site against each product.
  • Do you ship outside Jersey ?
    Yes. We use Jersey Post to ship both to the UK and also further afield. Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout and include both postage and also packing materials etc.
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