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Fudge is a great way to enjoy the occasional sweet treat. We want to make sure that you, and the people that you share your fudge with, stay happy and healthy. Look through the information below to learn more about our fudge.



There are a lot of things that people can be allergic to. We list all our ingredients on each bag and also on the product descriptions. On the ingredients label we underline any ingredient which is a known allergen.



The most common allergen out there is the common peanut. Reactions to peanuts (and other nuts) can be severe. As we prepare items containing nuts in our kitchen we strongly recommend that, however small the risk of one of our flavours containing even a trace of nuts, anyone with a severe nut allergy should NOT consume our fudge.


What we do

We never use preservatives in our fudge. We take pride in sourcing and using organic ingredients where we can. If we are making fudge containing nuts we will thoroughly clean all utensils and the work area before making another batch.

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