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We try to make, pack and send out our fudge within 48 hours of receiving your order. We understand that sometimes you want to delay the delivery for a special occasion - if this is the case please click here and send us an email to tell us when you want your fudge to arrive.

We want to make sure that your fudge arrives in perfect condition for you to enjoy. Please check out the sections below for more information.

Hand delivery (Jersey only)


We have added a hand delivery service for Jersey. If you want us to deliver by hand please ensure that there is a suitable place to leave your order if you aren't in during the day.

If your address isn't easy to find, please help us out by sending us an email with directions to your address.  

Off Island Deliveries


We use Jersey Post for all of our off island deliveries. 

All delivery times are just guidelines, and although we do our best to ensure that your order arrives as quickly as possible, there may be unforeseen delays due to reasons out of our control. In particular, we do occasionally experience delays due to inclement weather.

Sending fudge to more than one address


Please note that our delivery charges are calculated on the total weight of the fudge and the packing materials. In order to make sure that these charges are calculated correctly we can only accept one address per order. Unfortunately this means that you will have to place a separate order for each delivery destination. 

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