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Meet our Suppliers

Here at Jersey Fudge Pot we make the most of our fabulous local ingredients. We are constantly on the lookout for local produce that we can use to bring you the very best that our island has to offer. We thought we would share them with you so that you can try out their produce for yourselves.

Jersey Dairy.png

The heart of our fudge is the world renowned milk, cream and butter from our famous Jersey cows. Jersey dairy products have a high milk fat content and is one of the reasons our fudge tastes so creamy.

In addition to supplying our dairy products the office staff at Jersey Dairy love tasting our new products and giving us their opinions.

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Sea Salt.png

When it comes to Jersey products they don't get more natural than Jersey Sea salt. Matt collects the sea water and transports it to his evaporation poly tunnels and lets our Jersey sunshine do the rest. A key ingredient in our prize winning Sea Salt fudge we think its an amazing product.

Matt produces salt in a variety of flavours. You can buy his salt  online and also at selected outlets around the island.

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Luis card 1_edited.png

Luis is passionate about his bees and takes great care of them and in return they produce a fabulous honey. With a delicate flavour and aroma you will agree that it is really exceptional. Luis has an honesty stall at the top of Mont Cochon and also sells from his Facebook account.

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Jersey lavender pic.jpg

Jersey Lavender farm has been a firm favourite with visitors to the islands for years. Go along and visit them and see the lavender fields - or just have a wander around their fabulous gift shop. Enjoy a coffee in their cafe and breathe in the wonderful aroma of lavender. One of our favourite places to visit on a beautiful summers day.

We use their lavender oil in our fudge - which you can buy when you visit.

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