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Our Flavours

We always have our Vanilla and Jersey Sea salt fudge on sale and usually 2 or 3 other flavours as well ..... but we have so many other flavours to offer. Have a look at the list below and tell us which is your favourite.



Vanilla is always a popular flavour. We use our own home made vanilla essence and add a little organic Madagascan vanilla bean paste to bring out that delicious creamy taste.

Jersey Sea Salt.jpeg

Jersey Sea Salt

When we came across Matt's Jersey Sea Salt we couldn't wait to use it in one of our fudges. It's been a hit with that combination of salt and sweet and won a gold star at the Great Taste awards.

Lemon Sea Salt.jpeg

Lemon Sea Salt

Another fudge containing Matt's Sea salt. This uses one of his best selling flavours with tiny pieces of lemon zest. We add organic lemon powder to boost that citrus zing. A taste of summer in a fudge !

Lavender ours.jpeg

Lavender fudge

We try to showcase the best of our fabulous local ingredients and just had to include our local lavender. This is a fragrant fudge with a subtle (rather surprising) flavour. A lovely warming fudge with a great aftertaste.

Jersey Honey.jpeg

Jersey Honey fudge

When we had a stall at the Vibrant Jersey Christmas market we met Luis and his family on the next stall selling their fabulous honey. They loved our fudge and we loved their honey - so we had to combine the two. A beautiful fudge for honey lovers.


Rich chocolate fudge

Hands up all you chocolate lovers - this one is for you. We use the finest organic, Venezuelan chocolate to produce this rich and indulgent fudge. It melts in the mouth and leaves you with that deep chocolate aftertaste. Always popular at our markets.

Baileys and Cream.jpeg

Baileys & Cream fudge

Just like a puppy - this fudge isn't just for Christmas (although we always make sure to have it on sale at Christmas). It's extra creamy with that lovely Baileys flavour coming through. A personal favourite in the fudge kitchen.

Gingerbread spice.jpeg

Gingerbread Spice fudge

For this fudge we add chopped stem ginger, our home made ginger essence and a selection of spices to produce a fudge that tastes just like the gingerbread Mum used to make. We like the heat from the ginger and spices and the texture of the chopped stem ginger.

Black Butter.jpg

Black Butter fudge

Black butter is a Jersey tradition. Made in autumn with our local apples and spices it really is the taste of Jersey. Delicious creamy fudge with a subtle blend of spices and of course the flavour of apple.

Salty Chocolate.jpeg

Salty Chocolate fudge

Can't choose between our Jersey Sea Salt fudge and our Rich Chocolate fudge ? Try this flavour and have the best of both.

Peanut Butter.jpeg

Peanut Butter fudge

This is a combination of our creamy fudge and crunchy organic peanut butter. Lots of delicious peanut taste with a nice crunchy finish. Get some for the nutty person in your life !


Peppermint fudge

Creamy fudge with the refreshing taste of peppermint. As always we only use the best organic peppermint oil in our fudge. 

Chocolate mini egg.jpeg

Chocolate mini egg fudge

Look for this flavour around Easter time. It's our rich chocolate fudge with crushed mini eggs pushed into the surface. Enjoy the two different chocolate flavours and also the crunch from the crisp sugar shells.

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