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Brand new for 2023

Supporting Veganuary

Sue's Fudge has always been suitable for Vegetarians using the finest organic, natural ingredients we can source, and definitely NO preservatives. While everyone else has been enjoying their festive feasts, we have been busy in the Fudge Kitchen creating our first range of Vegan Fudge !

If you or your friends are trying out the Vegan lifestyle for the first time, or have been Vegan for ages, here is a sweet treat that you can still enjoy !


Vegan vs Vegetarian

Our fudge has always been suitable for vegetarians using our locally produced Jersey milk and butter for that rich creamy taste you love. In order to produce fudge for our Vegan friends we have sourced alternative ingredients, including plant butters and milk substitutes made from Almonds, Rice, Oats and Soya.

In order to be Vegan, products cannot contain ANY ingredients of animal origin - this includes Milk, Butter and Honey.

FairTrade products

As well as ensuring that our Vegan products do not exploit animals , we also endeavour, wherever possible, to source FairTrade products. These items are often produced by local cooperatives who make sure that the growers are paid a fair price which allows them to grow in a sustainable way and support their families. You can enjoy our fudge knowing that no humans are exploited either !


What does it taste like ?

According to our tasting panels (thanks for all your hard work) our Vegan fudge still retains its rich taste. It still melts in the mouth with a nice creamy finish. Using plant butter means that it doesn't have as much of a buttery taste as our regular fudge. You can also taste the underlying vegan milk flavour - with a hint of rice, oats, almonds or coconut depending on the fudge flavour. We have paired the milk with the fudge flavour to give a pleasing taste combination.

Genuine Jersey product ?

Although our Vegan Fudge is still entirely produced in our Jersey fudge kitchen we aren't able to source our vegan ingredients from producers here on the island. This means that we cannot use the Genuine Jersey logo on our vegan range even though it is still produced in the same way, with all the love and care we give our standard range of fudge. We also do a deep clean of our kitchen before producing our vegan fudge to make sure there is a vanishingly small chance of any trace of dairy produce appearing in our vegan products.

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